Selected Works of Anthony Munday




    A View of Sundry Examples, Reporting many strange murders, &c. (1580)
    Complete - Google Books

    A second and third blast of retrait from plaies and theaters (1580)
    Excerpt - Routledge [.pdf]

    Zelauto, or The Fountain of Fame (1580)
    Dedication to Oxford - Shakespeare Authorship Sourcebook

    A Discoverie of Edmund Campion and his Confederates (1582)
    Excerpt - Google Books

    A Brief and True Report of the Execution of Certain Traytours
    at Tibourne the 27. and 30. days of May

    Complete - Google Books

    A brief Answer made unto two seditious Pamphlets (1582)
    Excerpt - Google Books

    The Triumphs of Re-United Britannia (1605)
    Excerpt - Norton Anthology

    Enlarged Edition of Stow's Survey of London (1618)
    Excerpt - Google Books


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