Works of Francis Quarles

The Complete Works of Francis Quarles (1880 Grosart ed.), Vol I - Google Books

A Feast for Worms, in a Poem on the History of Jonah  (1620)
minion[ Good God! how poor a thing is wretched man? ]

Argalus and Parthenia (1621)
minionHos ego versiculos  [Like to the damask rose you see]
minionThe Author's Dream  [My sins are like the hairs upon my head]

Divine Fancies (1632)
   minionA Good-night
   minionOn the Infancy of our Savior

Emblems Divine and Moral (1632; 1635)
Complete - Penn State University
Complete (1778 Hogg ed.) - Google Books
Complete (1808 Lansdown ed.) - Google Books
Complete (1818 Whittingham ed.) - Google Books
Complete (1857 Carter & Brothers, ed.) - Google Books
Complete (1861 Bennett & Rogers Ill. ed.) - Google Books
Complete (1866 Tegg ed.) - Google Books
   minionEpigram XV. [My Soule, sit thou a patient looker on]
   minionJob XIII. 24 [Why dost thou shade thy lovely face?]
   minionCanticles II. 16. [Ev'n like two little bank-dividing brooks]

Judgment and Mercy for Afflicted Souls; or,
Meditations, Soliloquies, and Prayers

Complete - Google Books

"O, the fickle state of lovers!"

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