The Works of John Ford (1586-1640?)

Fame's Memorial  (1606)
Complete - iEMLS

Christ's Bloody Sweat, attr. (1613)
minion Two excerpts

Honour Triumphant  (1606)
Complete - Google Books

The Witch of Edmonton (c.1621) (with Dekker and Rowley)
Complete - Luminarium Editions
* Act IV, scene I(excerpt)

The Sun's Darling  (1623-4) (with Dekker)
Complete - Google Books

The Lover's Melancholy  (1629)
Complete - Google Books
Contention of a Bird and a Musician

The Broken Heart  (1633)
Complete - Luminarium Editions
*A Bridal Song

Love's Sacrifice  (pub. 1633)
Complete - Google Books

'Tis Pity She's a Whore (1633)
Complete - Google Books
Act I, Scene 2 (excerpt)

Perkin Warbeck  (1634)
Complete - Google Books
Act V, Scene 3 - Warbeck's speech to Katherine

The Fancies, Chaste and Noble  (1638)
Complete - Google Books

The Lady's Trial  (1638)
Complete - Google Books

* In commendation of his very good friend the Author - Patrick Gillespie, iEMLS
* On the Best of English Poets, Ben Jonson - Patrick Gillespie, iEMLS
* A memorial offered to that man of virtue, Sir Thomas Overbury - Patrick Gillespie, iEMLS

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