Portrait miniature of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle

Margaret Cavendish: Additional Resources.

bulletBiography - David Harley
bulletBiography - John H. Lienhard
bulletTimeline - Emory University
bulletTimeline - Bill Uzgalis
bulletBiography - Leigh Tillman Partington
bulletBiography - Ron Cooley, et al.
bulletBiography - Valerie Nigro
bulletBiography - Sunshine
bulletBiography in Italiano - ITC

bulletFrontispiece and Title-page to The Blazing World (1668) [240k]
bulletEngraving of Margaret Cavendish by Peter van Schuppen - Norton Topics Online
bulletPortrait [17k]
bulletTitle Page of Sociable Letters (1664) [26k]

bulletThe Prodigal Daughter Project: Margaret Cavendish and Elizabeth Cary - Valparaiso University
bulletMargaret Cavendish site - Ron Cooley, et al.
bulletCavendish and the New Science - Leigh Tillman Partington
bulletBibliography - Ron Cooley, et al.
bulletCavendish Bibliography - James Fitzmaurice
bulletMargaret Cavendish, Le Monde glorieux

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