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Biography - Nandini Das
Biography - Ron Cooley, et al.
Biography - Dr. Mark Humphrys

Lady Wroth with Archlute - Norton
Title-page of Urania (1621) [178k]
Images related to Mary Wroth - Nandini Das
Lady Mary Wroth as a Child - Norton

Bibliography - Nandini Das
Basic Reading Bibliography - Nandini Das
Bibliography - Ron Cooley, et al.
Bibliography - UWaterloo

Notes on Sidney's Arcadia and Wroth's Urania - Dr. Deborah Wyrick
Notes on Pamphilia - Dr. Bruce Magee
Lady Mary Wroth Site - Nandini Das
Texts related to Mary Wroth - Nandini Das
Notes on Lady Mary Wroth - Prof. Jennifer Mooney
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Transgressing Boundaries: Women's Writing in the Renaissance and Reformation - Janet Clare

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