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Title-page of "The Roman Actor" (1629) - Columbia University
Actor List from "The Roman Actor" (1629) - Columbia University
Pages from "The Fatal Dowry" (1632) - Columbia University
Portrait of Massinger
Playbill of an 1828 Production of "A New Way to Pay Old Debts"
Images of Productions of "A New Way to Pay Old Debts"
Photos of a production of "Roman Actor" - University of Exeter

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21).

Philip Massinger - Emil Koeppel
  1. Massinger’s life
  2. Biographical value of his Dedications
  3. His relations with the Herberts
  4. Literary friends
  5. Joint workmanship with Fletcher and others
  6. His independent Dramas
  7. Some Political Dramas of the time
  8. Massinger’s political opinions
  9. His religious sympathies
  10. His literary models: Shakespeare, Fletcher, Jonson
  11. His constructive art
  12. Typical situations
  13. His women
  14. His lovers
  15. His villains
  16. His comical figures
  17. His style: preponderance of the rhetorical element
  18. His repetitions
  19. Contemporary and posthumous reputation
  20. Massinger in Germany
Beaumont and Fletcher. Evidence as to authorship. - G. C. Macaulay
Massinger’s collaboration with Fletcher - G. C. Macaulay
Field’s debt to Jonson; his romantic tendency and collaboration with Massinger - Rev. Ronald Bayne

SAC LitWeb Massinger Page - Roger Blackwell Bailey
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