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John Marston (?1580-1625) =Student Essay
Dissertation: Violent Performance: A Cultural Analysis of the Intersection of Violence and Embedded Performance
             in Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy - Geoffrey A. Booth [.pdf]
Thesis: Men Disguised as Women in Elizabethan Drama - Marion S. Karr [.pdf]
Marston's The Fawn, the "Other" Self, and the Problem of Belief - Donald Beecher [.pdf]
Being Seen is Believing: Spectacle, Ethics, and the Others of Belief in Elizabethan Revenge Tragedy - Grant Williams [.pdf]
'Low Comedy' and Political Cynicism: Parodies of the Jacobean Disguised-Duke Play - Michael J. Redmond
Marston's The Metamorphosis of Pigmalion's Image: The Ovidian Myth Revisited - Sonia Hernández Santano
Disgusting John Marston: Sensationalism and the Limits of A Post-Modern Marston - Georgia Brown [.pdf]
Safety in Fiction: Recreational Strategies for Readers and Audiences in the Work of John Marston - Patrick Buckridge
"Honesty and vulgar praise": The Poet's War and the Literary Field - Edward Gieskes
Cannibalism and the Act of Revenge in Tudor-Stuart Drama - Raymond J. Rice
John Marston's Entertainment at Ashby and the 1606 Fleet Conduit Eclogue - Matthew Steggle
The Sacralization of Revenge in Antonio's Revenge - Phoebe S. Spinrad
Writing and Revenge: John Marston's Histriomastix - James P. Bednarz
Temporizing as Pyrrhonizing in Marston's The Malcontent - William M. Hamlin
Borrowings and the Authorial Domain: Gostanzo, Polonius, and Marston's Gonzago - Charles Cathcart
Political Allegory in Late Elizabethan and Early Jacobean "Turk" Plays: Lust's Dominion and The Turke - Claire Jowitt
On John Marston - Algernon Swinburne
On Marston, Chapman, Deckar, Webster - William Hazlitt
The Satire of John Marston (1920) - Morse S. Allen
John Marston at the 'mart of woe': The 'Antonio' plays - Rick Bowers [.pdf]
Excerpts from Bednarz' Representing Jonson: Histriomastix and the Origin of the Poets' War
Reassessing the Use of Doubling in Marston's Antonio and Mellida - Jeffrey Kahan emls
Response to Kahan's "Reassessing the Use of Doubling, &c." - Richard Fotheringham emls
Music in John Marston's The Malcontent - Peter Winterburn
Plural Authorship, Attribution, and the Children of the King's Revels - Charles Cathcart
"A critical sense worthy of respect": John Marston and the early poetics of Robert Penn Warren - John C. Van Dyke
Banquets of the Senses: Elizabethan Ovidianism and its Discontents - Stephen Clucas [.pdf]
"Cease Cease to bawle, thou wasp-stung Satyrist:" Writers, Printers, and the Bishops' Ban of 1599 - Cliff Forshaw [.pdf]
Religion, Politics, Revenge: The Dead in Renaissance Drama - Thomas Rist emls
Sex and Commodity - Lubin, Terlato, & Yovovich

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